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Welcome to the website dedicated to those who served on the "Tiddly T" in the Royal New Zealand Navy. Commission on 27 March 1961 and decommissioned 18 June 1982, HMNZS Taranaki was a much loved ship, which served its various crews well during her life.

This website was originally set up in 1998 as a resource for a reunion held in Christchurch of that year, and it is now in its 3rd version.  There has been a number of reunions held for HMNZS Taranaki ships company over the years, the latest was held in Auckland on Labour Weekend October 22-24 2005. Our next reunion will be held in Auckland on Labour weekend (Oct 20-22) 2007.

HMNZS Taranaki of course is no more. But memories live forever, and while some of the ships company are now in their seventies, all still cherish their time on our favourite frigate HMNZS Taranaki.

Enjoy having a look around our site. Old ships company can join the site as members and can view some resources that are not available to the public. If you know of a Navy person that could have served on HMNZS Taranaki, please tell them about our site. We are confident that they will enjoy reliving their time onboard our "Tiddly T" 

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